Honor Killings of Muslim Women in the West

Here are some of the faces that the PC media forgets in its defense of “cultural freedom” and “religious freedom” when it comes to Islamic cultural norms existing in the West. 

These are just a few of the victims of honor killings that are on the rise in the West.  In the undeveloped world, the number of honor killings of Muslim women each year is astronomical. 


  • Top: Fadime Sahindal, 26-year-old Kurdish resident of Sweden, murdered by her father for resisting an arranged marriage and wanting to marry her boyfriend (2/4/75-21/1/02)
  • Second row, left: Ghazala Khan, 25-year-old Pakistani Danish woman murdered by her family for marrying a Muslim man against their will (1987-23/12/05)
  • Second row, right: Tulay Goren, 15-year-old British citizen drugged, tortured, and murdered by her Turkish father for having a pre-marital relationship (murdered in January 1999)
  • Third row: Noor Almaleki, 20-year-old American citizen murdered by her father by being run over with a vehicle, for resisting arranged marriage and being “too westernized”; her fiance’s mother, Amal Khalaf (not pictured), was also severely injured in the attack (02/89-10/09)
  • Fourth row, left: Sara Said (left, 16/3/90-1/1/08) and Aminah Said (right, 2/3/89-1/1/08) were American girls murdered by their Egyptian father in 2008 for having non-Muslim boyfriends.  He was never captured.  This case was featured on America’s Most Wanted.
  • Fourth row, right: Khatera Siddiqui, 20-year-old Canadian woman, and her fiance, Feroz Mangal, 23-year-old Canadian man, were murdered in 2006 by the woman’s brother because her family did not approve of the relationship.
  • Fifth row, left: Aqsa Parvez, a16-year-old Canadian, was strangled to death by her brother in 2007 for not wearing the hijab (22/4/91-10/12/07)
  • Fifth row, right: Sadia Sheikh, a 20-year-old Belgian woman, was murdered by her Pakistani family for resisting an arranged marriage and leaving home
  • Sixth row, left: Anooshe Sediq Ghulam, a 22-year-old Afghan refugee in Norway, was murdered by her husband (whom she had been forced to marry at the age of 13 in Afghanistan and with whom she had two children) for trying to get a divorce due to domestic abuse. Murdered in 2002.
  • Sixth row, right: Samaira Nazir, a 25-year-old British woman, was murdered by her brother, cousin, and other family members after she refused an arranged marriage and asked to marry a Muslim man of Afghan background, different from her family’s Pakistani background (murdered 23/4/05).

These are just a few of the MANY victims of honor killings each year, even in the West.  Tumblr only let me add ten pictures to this photoset, but there are many other young girls and women who are brutally abused and murdered every year, not only abroad but also in our own backyards. 

From Wikipedia: “Every year in the United Kingdom (UK), officials estimate that at least a dozen women are victims of honor killings, almost exclusively withinAsian and Middle Eastern families.[62] Often cases cannot be resolved due to the unwillingness of family, relatives and communities to testify. A 2006 BBC poll for the Asian network in the UK found that one in ten of the 500 young Asians polled said that they could condone the killing of someone who dishonored their family.[63] In the UK, in December 2005, Nazir Afzal, Director, west London, of Britain’s Crown Prosecution Service, stated that the United Kingdom has seen “at least a dozen honour killings” between 2004 and 2005.[64] While precise figures do not exist for the perpetrators’ cultural backgrounds, Diana Nammi of the UK’s Iranian and Kurdish Women’s Rights Organisation is reported to have said: “about two-thirds are Muslim. Yet they can also be Hindu and Sikh.”

The number of honor killings is on the rise in the US, UK, Canada, and EU.  This must not be tolerated. 

srry if this is offensive but i dont care THIS is not okay this is bs and it needs to stop these people need to go to jail forever and never be allowed to see children